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Old 03-01-2004, 02:17 PM   #1
GT eSence
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VVTL-I Wont engage

So my VVTL-i decides to not engage anymore, so i figure i replace my lift bolts and then it still doesnt work, i dont have a CEL or anything, but the thing is it feels like i hit a LITTLE bit of lift at bout 4,000 RPM, any one have the same problem? pleas let me know i dont wanna pay 88 bux for a stupid diagnostic.
PS my rev limit is at like 6900 7000 some BS like that

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Blue Bomber
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Check that your engine is fully warm when you try to hit lift, and check your oil level. The engine will start to feel more powerful around 4k because that's when the first cam starts making the most power.
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yeah the intake cam changes timing at about 4000 the exaust does not change timing. If you not hitting lift at 6000 something is wrong. It could be the oil control valve, there are two on the gts motor, one is on the passenger side front that controls the intake cam timing and the other one is on the drivers side that controls the lift. they are both the same. do you change your oil often and with 5w30? there are some very small oil holes that operate the lift and if the oil is to thick or those holes get clogged the lift wont work

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