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05-18-2002 until 06-18-2020
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1) VENDORS - If you wish to advertise and sell your goods on as a vendor you have to become a paying sponsor first. Current rates and more information can be found at the following location - Click Here. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact webmaster for more information.

1-a)Spam of any sort will not be tolerated! - Any spam posts, threads, or links to spam, scams, or other money marketing schemes in signature files, can and likely will, result in imediate removal of your account with No excuses and no explanation required, you'll simply be banned.

2) No flaming, harassment, racism, bigotry, or trolling. Personal attacks are grounds for being banned. If you have a problem with something that another member has posted in the forums contact webmaster instead of posting a personal attack.

"Just a short notice to all site users, asking those so inclined, to give a little more thought before posting in these forums with the sole intent of "flaming" another user or group of users. Or posting with the sole intent of instigating or illiciting flame type replies in any forum, Off Topic included. It can't help but be noticed the increase in this type of activity on the board lately, and this seriously detracts from the intended purpose of these forums - to bring together a community of automotive enthusiasts to a place where the free exchange of intelligent discussion is the goal. The first and foremost ideal in obtaining this result is simple, mutual respect!

It's well understood there are many members, from many different backgrounds, with many differing interests, using these forums. That's a good thing. And because of this, it is also well understood that there will be many differing viewpoints on many topics, not the least among them being things automotive. What should lead from this though is thoughtful debate, not mindless, childlish, flaming. Such latter behavior will no longer be tolerated here. Disagree with someone's posting? Sure, go ahead and argue your point, but by engaging your brain before letting your fingers at the keyboard. Disagree with someone on a more personal basis? Take it to PM or email."

3) POST IN THE CORRECT PLACE Double posting is not necesary. Post it in the correct place and your topic should be answered. There are several forums on and Im sure that if you place the topic you want answered in the correct forum then it will get the attention it deserves. Read the forum descriptions to have an idea what belongs where.

4) FOR SALE & WANTED posts belong in the For Sale Section on the forums, no where else.. READ THE FS RULES before creating a listing, if your post doesnt follow the rules I will delete it without a second thought. The For Sale rules can be found Here.

5) GROUP PURCHASES are run on the site in the Group Purchase Forum. READ THE GP RULES before posting a Group Purchase, if your post doesnt follow the rules I will delete it without a second thought. The Group Purchase rules can be found Here.

6) CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUES belong in the Buyer & Seller Feedback

7) SEARCH - Im not a stickler for using the search function (button in the upper right) section of the forums but most questions can be answered by using the search button before posting a question.

8) SIGNATURE POLICY - Im pretty lenient on the signature policy.

Please keep your signatures clean as in no profanity or nudity, remember people read this site in front of kids and at work. If you think it may be offensive, it probably is and will be removed.

Keep the size of your signature, pixel wise, below 500Wx250H and file size, below 75k to be thoughtful to the fellow site users who still are using dialup ISPs. Also you are allowed only 4 lines maximum of text in your signature, or one image meeting the previous limitations. Advertising of any kind is not allowed unless you are a site sponsor. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact larryd at [email protected]. Signatures with multiple images may be removed if deemed necessary.

9) PORNOGPRAPHY is NOT to be posted anywhere on the site except in Off Topic and the subject title must state Work Warning, if you do not follow these rules your access to will be removed.

10) No more than one account per person.

11) PRIVATE MESSAGES - Please delete your private messages as this service is not meant for you to be storing them, but to read reply and delete. Also when sending them remove the check out of save sent copy or tracking information if you dont wish to keep a copy or track it, Im sure thats where most of these messages reside..

Don't forget to clear your SENT ITEMS...most people overlook that. Check the number at the bottom of the main page, if the number of PM items is still high after you delete your messages, that means the sent items are full.

12) BLOGS - Members cannot create blogs or post comments in another member's blog until you have made at least 10 legitimate posts.

------ Violating these rules may result in a warning, deletion, temporary banning, or permanent banning. The site administration and moderating team reserve the right to edit or delete any post for any reason. Decisions and actions of the administrator and moderating team are final and not open to negotiation. Rules are subject to change without notice...

Larry Dougherty
Site Administrator

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