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06-06-2008 until 12-31-2019
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Love NewCelica? Want to support the site and get few perks? Now is your opportunity, introducing Paid Subscriptions.

We are currently offering 4 paid subscription options to Note that you do not have to purchase a paid subscription to register and use the forums. This is my way of extending NewCelica and generating funds to continue development of the site.

So now you are probably wondering, well what do I get out of this? Here are the benefits of our paid subscription.

Forum Access
Paid subscribers have access to a "supporters" forum where they can post whatever content they wish so long as it is within the forum rules.

Larger PM Box
A normal registered user has the ability to store 100 private messages. With our paid subscriptions supporting members are alloted 250 private messages.

Advertisement Free Browsing
I know there are many members who are tired of seeing Google and Vibrant Media advertisements. With our paid subscription plan you will be offered a new template that is free of both Google and Vibrant media ads. Please note that this does not remove the existing NewCelica Sponsor advertisements.

Search Query Time
A normal registered user must wait 60 seconds between search queries. With our paid subscritions supporting members only have to wait 30 seconds between queries.

Attachment Space
Paid subscribers have the ability to use the attachment feature on their posts for documents in total size of up to 50MB.

Private Disk Space
Those members who decide to support NewCelica will be given 50MB on a web server along with a subdomain of NewCelica that they can use for personal storage and/or a simple HTML/PHP based web site. The domain would be your ie mine would be

( is not to be held liable for the content stored on the web server and holds the right to remove any content without notice)

Profile Picture
Paid subscribers have the ability to add a 300x300 profile picture to their control panel.

Invisible Mode
Paid subscribers have the ability to browse using "Invisible Mode" which means only forum moderators and administrators can see you online.

Pricing is as follows:


$10.00/3 months

$25.00/12 months

$100.00/Life of Site; includes (2) Decals

So that is the deal, ready to sign up? Payment is accepted via, Click Here To Sign Up
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