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Bullied by Honda Fanboys and Mustang freaks from the start!

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Posted 08-03-2014 at 12:55 AM by 502true

I am a 36 year old guy that lives in Louisville Kentucky. During my life I have owned a countless number of cars of all different makes and models. I have owned everything from a Porshe to a Ford Mustang. Needless to say I am not car prejudice by any means. I am a car fanatic... I like and love them all. Well I like all of the ones that deserved to be liked... you won't see me driving down the street in a regular run of the mill Dodge Neon or a 1989 Ford Festiva. Every car that I have owned I have always found some way to juice them up so that I can enjoy driving them. Some of them I didn't have to do to much to them... such as my '89 Mustang, '97 Prelude or '97 Tacoma. Others like my '95 Civic, or '89 Pontiac Fiero I had to tweek so that when someone picked on me I could fight back.
In all of my cars I was always picked on... especially if it looked nice (some of my cars were serious sleepers) but I have never... NEVER been picked on as much as I have been as when I bought my "03 Celica GT a couple of months ago!!! Just like all of the other times... I sold my previous car (which was a '99 Maxima) for some cash and bought me my Celica. I have always liked the aggressive body style of the last gen Celica (especially with the ground effect package... man that car is sexy and aggressive)! So when I found one for the incredible price of only $800 I had to buy it. As soon as I drove out of my friends driveway I was being hustled to dance... so I did... and as all of anybody who owns a standard automatic "03 Celica GT, there isn't much dancin' goin on when you step on the gas pedal. Eventually I plan on transferring the car over to a standard 5 speed. Normally I do not buy automatics, but because I got the car for $800 in almost immaculate condition I had to get it. For that price I would gladly throw on some bolt-ons and drive it for a while. I mean the last gen Celica body style with the full body kit package is so nice looking that the fact that it is an automatic is hardly noticed to me because I truly enjoy driving it. Seriously... it is one of the nicest looking cars I have ever owned and I have owned some nice ones. I figured that because the car was so aggressively styled by Toyota that the aftermarket scene would be crazy. It's as if the car was designed to be tricked out. Unfortunately it is extremely hard for me to find bolt-ons and goodies for this car. My Civic had goodies galore and I was praying that I could seriously build this car so that I could rip all of the stuck-up Honda freaks a new one, but I am having a terribly hard time doing so. Everywhere I go people dog me, rag me, joke on me for driving my Celica. I feel like an outcast when I am driving my car. I thought I would get a lot of "Nice car buddy", or "Cool ride",but it is the exact opposite. It is more like... "You wanna race that piece of shit", or "That car is sooo gay"! In my head I'm thinking they are crazy... even though the car isn't the fastest car in the world...it does look good... doesn't it, or am I a nut case.
Please... Please... PLEASE help me fellow Celica owners. Where do I go, how do I start to build me a car to shut these guys and girls up. well not so much the girls... the girls seem to absolutely love my car... then their boyfriend tells them that my car is donkey balls! Everywhere I have looked... parts and bolt-ons are on the rare. Except for the exhaust and intake. Jeezus... the cheepest supercharger kit I have seen is just under $7,000!!! Am I screwed cause I got a GT and not a GT-S like a lot of people I have talked to say. I figured that I could fix my standard GT to compete with a GT-S so I took the gamble and bought the GT... come on... seriously immaculate and flawless for only $800... I had to take the leap. Again...I really love the body style and interior. What can I do for cheap to get my ride at least able to bite while I am saving for a serious upgrade. I love this car so much I am not getting rid of it, I am gonna keep it. I have seen fast Celica's so I know they exist. Please help, I have never been in a situation like this. Usually I know what to do or where to start, but juicing this car up seems to be something that people do in secret. I can't even get a Haynes manual for my car at the local Autozone... Why is this car so difficult and why do so many people seem to hate it. I have almost gotten into fights because people are so prejudice against my ride. Any help would be appreciative. I am car savvy so you shouldn't have to explain certain parts or techniques to me. I am familiar with under-drive pulleys, fuel rails, high flow oil and water pumps, MSD 6-AL ignitions, Headers, upper and lower head work. ported and polished intakes and manifolds and basically all of the other normal bolt-ons. I just need to be pointed in the direction of the place to get these things for a good and decent price. Or is that impossible? What I want to know is the cheap tips and tricks... like interchangeable parts between makes and models, removing certain sensors or obstacles to increase air-flow, stuff like that. The types of things that only Toyota lovers know. Besides my Tacoma (which I unfortunately didn't own too long because someone stole it), this is my first Toyota... and as I said I love the thing. I do not understand how anyone can dog the looks of this car... I want to match performance with looks. The car really looks fast and I want it to go fast. Nothing crazy yet (but long term this car will be a demon). Any help is greatly appreciated. I just found out about this site today. Normally I have decent pics of my cars, but I have been getting so many negative remarks about how much my car sucks that I have been discouraged to take any pictures... and my car practically looks brand new. There is only one flaw on the driver side where it looks like a shopping cart nicked it. Besides that everything else is perfect. Please help so the next time a Civic revs his car at me, I can rev back with confidence and not put my head down in shame. Thank you for your support! Oh... if you are wondering why I got the car so cheap, it is because the guy selling it had just joined the Army and was getting ready to leave for boot-camp. He knew that his first Army check added with his sign-on bonus was going to be a really good amount of money. It was for that reason and the fact that he was going to gone for a very long time that he wanted to sell the Celica. He was leaving in two weeks and was in a hurry to sell it and use the money to have one more crazy good time before he left... He said how does $800 sound! I right away said yes... and now here I am!
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