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Please help me....... :-(

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Posted 10-14-2013 at 01:26 PM by stihlman2010

Originally Posted by GSBoek View Post
While there were a few cases of headgaskets leaking oil (I personally know of only 2) these things don't usually go bad unless the head wasn't properly torqued. Leaks at the timing cover are very common however, specially on engines that have been opened up for rebuilds and have not gotten enough dabs of sealant in the 3 common areas of leaks at the timing cover:
1. Joints between timing cover, head and valve cover on both sides;
2. Joints between the head, block and timing cover on both sides;
3. Joints between block, block girdle and timing cover on both sides.

A leak at number 2 may appear to be a leaking head gaskets when it isn't. That's exactly the area you are pointing out. Just something to think about. If the leaks wasn't all around the head gasket area chances are it was fine.
It was confirmed to be the head gasket at fault when the engine was split.. All the black sealant on the gasket had came off and it was shiny silver when the head was lifted off to reveal it.. I don't know anything about gaskets I'm just telling you guys what I have found and am after some advice regarding my bores.. The gasket is a simple fix the bores aren't so much
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