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Conversation Between 2KGTS and Celicanurbur
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  1. Celicanurbur
    02-16-2017 12:05 PM
    GT-S: 187fwhp An American car with only 187hp? With that power a reprogrammed fr you do not take it off, you would spend a lot of shame, imagine me with mine who say he has 143hp and it seems that he has 90 horses

    My motor the problem that has, well rather the motor 1zzfe the problem that has is the following, it takes a lot of rpm to go up so it is asleep and to catch the cut is almost impossible esque not push, damn motor, only push A little in the first speed but if it comes out strong skids and does not move well, (seems to lose a lot of traction) in the second more or less well, but at the other speeds, 3,4,5 and the sixth speed does not Delivery power only makes noise, has the marches very long, and when it is at its maximum rpm is not that it sounds very well let's say, disgusting motor, I'm trying to convince even friend to be able to modify something to the engine to deliver the Power well there is no way to see him 143hp when asked.
  2. Celicanurbur
    02-16-2017 12:02 PM
    Soon you are going to put your car of girls for sale? And which will you acquire?

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