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Nice meeting you guys, Kel and Joey. Nice seeing you guys again Truc and Raph.

EDIT: Pics have been removed.

Now I'm going to post some smilies.

Originally Posted by B*GTS*P View Post
my car currently is running at 225 with a short ram injen intake, custom cat back exhaust with magnaflow muffler, and a high flow cat. my goal is to get my car running somewhere around 260.

Headers were just ordered probably boosting it to 235 at best.

wanted to know what else i can add to gain some substantial horsepower because right now i feel like thats about all i can add for horsepower gain
Originally Posted by B*GTS*P View Post
yes 225 hp is correct with the intake, exhaust, and cat...o and im sorry i have the apexi power fc...forgot to mention.
Originally Posted by B*GTS*P View Post
02 celica gts
Originally Posted by B*GTS*P View Post
cjw, the apexi power fc typically gets 20 hp gains, so i am around the 225 range. and if i do get a super or turbocharged ill be up somewhere around 300. just dont want to spend much on the stuff you know im broke as hell
Originally Posted by ieathonda View Post
you can just swap out the ecu? I think that only the big difference is that the 1zz VVTI and the 2zz VVTL-I has is that around 6000rpms the 2zz has a little bit more "tuning" to further produce more top end power?

what are the physical differences in the engine? they ARE both 1.8L engines
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Again, welcome to the board.

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my dad never beat me up just my mom
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Couple weeks ago my mom asked me why I don't have a girlfriend yet.
I was pondering about how she would react if I told her that I was gay.

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