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3S-GTE powered Scion xD

Paid In Full
"Scion was excited to work with me from the get-go," Mike says, "but getting others on board was different. All my past projects were modified in ways that really made sense," he says, about his 1JZ-swapped SC300 drift car, VIP-styled SLK, and xB show car, among others. "Building an xD into a race car was so far out there, I don't think too many people thought I could actually do it." On why he chose the 3S-GTE conversion, rather than building the xD's 1.8L 2ZR-FE to the hilt, or swapping in a 2.2L 2AZ-FE from a tC, Mike explains, "Like the SR20 to Nissan builders or the B18C to the Honda guys, if you were looking for a four-cylinder Toyota engine for your project car, the 3S-GTE has always been the one to have." Ubiquitous, as it came gift-wrapped from the Toyota factory in transverse and longitudinal mounting patterns, chances are one variation could be made to fit nearly any platform, with a little work. Except the xD, so Mike had been told. "Back when I started talking about this project, everyone told me the 3S just would not fit into an xD without major modification," he says, "but since the MR2 has a transverse-mounted 3S placed over its rear wheels-in a tight engine bay-I figured we could make it work in the xD."

Possibly most impressive about this build, is that it occurred entirely over a two-month period.

"It's done looking pretty," laughs Mike. "Now it's time to kick some ass-Super Lap Battle finals, look out!"

Output 350 whp @ 6,400 rpm; 280 lb-ft of torque @ 4,500 rpm

Engine 3S-GTE conversion; JE pistons; custom Injen front-mount intercooler and plumbing; custom manifold, radiator, fans, hoses; custom DC Sports exhaust; Airwerks K24 turbocharger; GReddy RS blow-off valve; Microtec ECU; NGK plugs; 550cc RC Engineering fuel injectors; Aeromotive fuel pump, pressure regulator; ARC oil cap; DME Radiator cap

Drivetrain JRX Performance axles; Fidanza Stage 3 clutch, aluminum flywheel

Suspension KW Variant 3 coilovers; Oink Fabrications halo-style WRC-legal roll cage, full stitch-welding

Wheels/Tires 19x8 +35 offset Enkei RPF1 wheels; 225/35-19 Toyo T1R tires (street); 18x8 +35mm Enkei RPF1 wheels; 235/35-18 Toyo R1R tires (track); Project Kics lug nuts

Brakes JBT four-piston calipers, 13-inch rotors (front), JBT stainless steel lines

Exterior Five Axis Design lip kit; Seibon carbon fiber hood; Nubi HID lighting; Magma Orange color change; K&R 3M graphics

Interior Sparco EVO front seats; custom suede rear seats, dash, door panels, console; NRG steering wheel

What do you think?
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