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Random, but my friend I sold the celica to a few months ago is saying she is going to get rid of it because it has to many problems. I asked her what was wrong cause minus some body work the thing was flawless when I sold it. Here was her list, followed by my responses, tell me what you think.

-slow acceleration when it's hot - A:'s a celica, and this summer it was like 100+ degrees every day.

-Alternator is having problems - A: it's brand new what happened? O you took out the bajillion watt sound system by simply unplugging all the cables.....hmmmm

-There's a CEL that keeps coming on, my mechanic says its the CAT that abouts to go - A: there's a gen 1 AEM CAI on there, it comes on time to time due to that because the car thinks it's running lean.
Her response: it's too much trouble, I'm just getting a new car.

It should be noted this is her 4th car since she started driving, I've known her since I was like 13 and all her cars have been good cars that somehow turn in to...and I quote... "****boxes".

Am I right in thinking she screwed herself on these things?
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I'm stopped at a light looking around minding my own business thinking about that one fine chick who always passes by but I have yet to come up with a pick up line for...(I was thinking of just saying I drive a Celica

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