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Alleged 96 MPH in a Celica GT-S on Freeway X in San Diego

I have not gotten any traffic ticket in about 5 years.

Was cruising in my Celica GTS at high speed on freeway X as usual. A car was accelerating trying to catch up. I was trying to slow down to legal speed but too late. Got pulled over by 2 CHP in their huge, dumb and slow SUV with like 10 spot lights in front and loud speakers.

They asked if I had any excuse to drive at 96 MPH in the 65MPH freeway. I was stumped, telling them I was just following traffic. They said they were tracking me for over 5 miles, and I was not just following traffic, but was weaving aggressively around it.

Porkie even commented that the 9" GPS screen was way too large to hang on the wind shield of such a tiny, little car, that it may be illegal...blah blah blah... They looked pissed off at me and my little car, wrote their ticket and warned me to slow down.

I paid $100 all-inclusive for a female attorney ( her last name is Aronson) in San Diego to fight the ticket. She managed to delay the trial for 18 months into 2016, by which time hopefully the officer may have been fired from CHP or died in traffic accidents...
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