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Originally Posted by blacken View Post
if you got the retractable rc antena just dont use the antena =P
if you got the stock radio
then tape player connection will do =P did me just fine
if you got aftermarket stereo then definately try and get one with an AUX input or
get one with a rear AUX input and run the cables underneed the middle panel into the compartment/arm rest thingy and just place your Ipod in there

also here you go

yeah i got the power one w/ the embarrassing stock cd/cassette player.. but idk i guess it'll have to do for now

&& thank yoooouuu looks great!!

Originally Posted by BruceBruce View Post
Mostly, its bag the other car. then celica gets Audio. unless i can come across the money for rims first.
so you're working on two at once?
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