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Originally Posted by AMG4DVI View Post
Boosted, if we spend 15,000 that car will make MUCH more power than that guranteed. my friend with a 4age BLACKTOP TURBO in his corolla pulls over 430whp and does an easy 12.1 on the quarter.
Everything is relative. Those prices are based on other people doing ALL labor, and include the price of engine, trans, etc.

I could swap a 3S into my car for probably 3 grand. But thats because I can do all the work and fabrication myself. But thats not going to be a 450 HP 3S, and inexpensive 3S builds are short lived. (I have a second Gen MR2 Turbo at my house right now with a motor that a guy cratered by going cheap on the tune)

But there is no way in hell I would do that, as the 2ZZ will make more power, and do so quite reliably now that we have the Mahle drop in pistons to work with and Sleeving is no longer required.
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