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Originally Posted by Boosted2.0 View Post
Check out the 2009 Matrix New car features and it talks about it.

They were viscous couplings from 04-08 so I guess one of them would work as long as you use a trans that doesn't have a viscous coupling in the center diff, which the Celica GT4/alltrac/Caldina transmissions all do.

Personally I would rather just use a Caldina diff since they are a straightforward mechanical diff.
With that bit of info now i know i have to go with a different diff bc it wont work with Matrix rear end bc of the transmission I plan on using. Thanks for the extremely useful info.

Originally Posted by Bitter View Post
It sounds more like a driver and car setup problem. If you're putting down appreciably more than a stock 1ZZ output you'll end up overheating (and breaking) the viscous coupling pretty easily. I think you're trying to fix a problem by adding more complexity isn't the way to go. Look at anti-lift front suspension geometry to help with launching.
Im just trying to build the first AWD 2ZZ Celica and do it in the most efficent and effective manner. Im not trying to fix anything bc the car works as a FWD platform. I just want the rear tires to turn under the power of the motor as project that way I have something to do in free time.
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