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Originally Posted by JakesFate View Post
Alright.... so I've been thinking... Yes I know you smelt something awful recently. I just thought I should let you know....

Side note I'm going to try to make the Celica RWD this weekend...

Okay so that isnt a side note it's the reason for the post, but I thought with this post getting up to over 100+ posts and nothing really getting done, just the gowned work its time to finally get some Sh*t done

Let me explain what I will be doing and why. I'm sure everyone reading is probably asking why RWD? Must be a typo. Nope I will be working from the ground up. Make sense? we really need to figure how to send power to the rear end with what we have... I think it is more possible than what many would think.

Lets explain. First off how will we attach the transfer case. To be honest I will need to get 3 feet of flat iron not too much at lowes or home depot, although I would recommend getting it at a metal yard. (I will touch more on this in a bit)
I do best with images... So here we go!

You can notice one end is flat with 4 bolt holes to hold it to the differential. Lets just take a moment to think how that could be useful. So as far as thinking how to make a car RWD instead of making a full blown AWD right off the bat makes it alot less stressful and a little easier to handle. The reason I bring up that picture and how it is a plate on the end of an axle is because most of the Celicas are open diff. If you have a lsd I envy you... I will find one. Anyways How do we open diff members get 100% power to the transfer case. I got this idea when I was trying to figure out how to drive power to all wheels. It may sound hard or stupid, but it is perfectly fine.

I am sure almost all of us have been stuck in the mud/snow and we get just the one wheel spinning and the other stationary not moving or trying.

If you dont... Lucky you Look at this video

So for an open diff is we can lock one axle the other will be the only thing getting power. Make sense why I brought up the picture of the flat bolt plate on an axle? No? well if we can bolt the axle to the chassis or something to keep it from spinning we can effectively send power to the other shaft. I know crazy scientist over here, but would you want to take a step in the right direction or keep searching. (To you people who doubt check the video and ask yourself if you really want this to work or just stick with the *wrong wheel drive*)

So... it will get crazier as I post more, but let me lay out my plan that i'm about 75% sure will work. I have checked and both the splines on the rx300,rav4,highlander have the same amount of splines and fit in the Celica hubs. So I am thinking if I move the front hubs to the back and the back to the front I will have two dummy wheels in the front now and ability to attach the diff and axles in the rear.


To keep this easy and because I am pretty sure this will work....
At this point it you have a lowered celica... I dont think this will work for you as I fear the drive shaft might be too low. More on this when it is actually built this is just me thinking right now.

Mods list?

Rx300,Highlander, 20012010 RAV4... Well anything with a u140f transmission.

You will need:

Transfer case
Rear differential
Rear axles
Three part drive shaft(Its important that its three parts to help maneuver around the gas tank)
Front Axles (optional)

Pretty straight forward, you could use your stock front axles instead of the the others, but... there will be some cutting and welding so... best to have a extra set.

Going over my master plan in my head before the work commences...

1. Cut driver side axle
2. Weld flat plate onto axle
3. Drill 2 hole into passenger axle and intermediate shaft (Maybe)
4. Weld intermediate shaft to passenger axle to drive the transfer case (May just trust the bolt thing as I am not 100% sure this would be any benefit)
5. Use flat iron to mount the transfer case to block and make flat mount for the driver side axle.
6. Weld brackets to hold up rear diff
7. Move front wheel hubs to rear, and rear hubs to front.
8. Attach rear axles
9. Attach drive shaft.
10. Cross my fingers and hope it isn't a complete pipe dream as I see if it works

You guys can let me know what you think, but come tomorrow morning I will be trying to get S**t done
Sounds good, take this opportunity and take advantage of capitalism and make a kit / service to do this.
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