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Originally Posted by DOJAGUY View Post
fuck you. just pay the ticket.

so what if you have to pay $80 a month for a ticket

if thats the cost of being low than thats fine
no i agree with you, i knew if i modified my car it'll get attention, including attention from the police lol

Originally Posted by 2004GTS View Post
^ They will pull his license. You need to realize his age.

it already happened sadly lol, just turned my license in for 30 days because i received two moving violations in the process of 3 years of driving

Originally Posted by Pave High View Post
Same here, i blew a red light (in fairness it did turn yellow when i was about 25 feet away from it doing 55 MPH So i accelerated to about 4500 RPM to clear it) and a cop at the cross street pulled out, followed me for a few miles then pulled me over. After a good bit of arguing about how I wouldn't have had time to stop. i left that TS with an exhaust ticket...
it sucks how that you can be pulled over for no reason then they just look for something to ticket you with lol
my readers ride

Originally Posted by JCMiller View Post
I'm fucking cool. My e-cred just went up 7 pts.
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