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Originally Posted by DatGTS00 View Post
Tbh, I was super excited when I had found GTS-Jason's thread, where he was planning to use e154F gear with the e153 kit from MWR

Unfortunately, we never did learn how everything could be notched to fit [emoji22]. If we did, I would have dropped the cash on it straight away. Everything seemed very smooth until that point

My engine is fully build with turbo plans in the future, so it would have been good to have e153 tranny strength, but I can easily get the upgraded helicals for the c60. My only gripe then would be the 6 speed ratios at that power level but what do you do? Unless there's something I'm missing?

I don't have the knownow to go notching blocks and transfer cases to fit, otherwise I would! I definitely have the disposable income though... Go figure

Had half a mind to go donating parts tbh haha. I would keep the celica for life if it was AWD so IMO donations for R&D would be worth it [emoji16]

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Gts-Jason is what inspired me to continue what could have happened. I originally wanted to buy a tc years ago and there was a post on how to make that rwd by using celica parts, Later when I fell in love with the celica I thought of the same thing, just didn't have the money to do it at the time. Now I have the money, just not the time.... Funny how that works.

Anyways... The 154f could work... if you got a smaller transfer case. looking at some e153's you can see a bolt cover

With having that you should be able to bolt on a transfer case... as long as it isnt one from a mr2 if I remember correctly.

Still doesnt change too much as you would still need a diff... although I hear there is a conversion for a rav4 and a rav4 f transmission would be able to use the same adapter plate it being one with a 3s engine

As for everyone else. I wonder if the exhaust manifold would be a problem... the 1zz is shorter and not as big
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