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Which part of conservative dyno and conservative tune did you not get? lol
My tune was for better power than stock + better mpg than stock.

Same car(02-03wx) with same mods(dp+tune, sometimes w/up) on other dynos(dynojet etc) and or other shops are making 220-250awhp.

Not trying to claim the fastest car on the street but rather something I can enjoy every now and then while still being a dd.

With the UP, and CBE I just installed, it gained some more horses. Still need a tune to get the most out of it though.

Turbo inlet, turbo upgrade, bigger tmi, fuel pump and injectors are my next step but not after I do some handling mods.

Thread title was "Post Car and Mods". Didnt post my mods to try and brag.. just trying to show and tell... jeez lol
2002 Stage 2 PSM WRX - Invidia DP, Catless UP, Perrin CBE, Dyno Tune, K&N Panel Filter.
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