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2017 Toyota C-HR / IZOA

Teaser: Toyota CH-R Crossover Concept to Debut in Paris

Hybrid will offer "bold design language" and "engaging driving experience."

With the Paris Motor Show just around the corner, Toyota has released this first teaser image of its upcoming CH-R Crossover Concept, a hybrid compact crossover that promises to deliver "a bold new design language with an agile, engaging driving experience and a Hybrid powertrain." With the next Auris already unveiled, we can only speculate that this model could share the same platform, with a production-ready crossover to appear in the near future.

The CH-R is likely to directly rival Honda's new HR-V, whose concept "prototype," based on the existing production Asian Vezel, will also be officially revealed in Paris. Few details have been made available for the new Toyota crossover, nor has the company said whether this model, which should fit it in below the RAV4, would make it to the American market.

Is this gonna be the New Scion Crossover?

I also saw these on MotorTrends' instagram awhile back.


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