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Originally Posted by jlitman
Well, franky, even a 1ZZ or the scion engine (what the hell is its code...? I can't remember) would be a HUGE upgrade over that 1.5 engine they intend to put in there.

Basically, it will weigh as much as a GT, but have considerably less torque and power. We're not exactly talking a rocket here. This car needs some help to get moving. Hopefully, it will have awesome handling, though.

The fact that the rear differential is described as the "weak link" is worrisome... that may mean if you add FI you need to replace the dif as well.
It will however have rwd. The 240sx while having a pos (power wise) motor could still do some extremely difficult things for a novice to even try (deffinately a car one can grow with). Also, since it seems like they're trying to make it a parts bin car it should have some compatible existing swaps. Especially if it is a subby rear diff.

IMO I would be disappointed with a Tc motor. There is decent power down low but it falls on it's face in the upper rpm. At least that's my experiance from driving a Tc. A new version of the 2zz would be ideal (imo) if it had the proper gearing and a box that wasn't fragile.

Honestly, I would enjoy an old ca18det. Reguardless I think it will be very interesting to see how they pull off a small motor entry level "sports" rwd. Especially considering most a to b cars are rather quick now.

edit-- did a bit of checking, apparently subby likes to use the r160 and r180 rear diffs which are upgradable to r200 (silvia diff) which with some more mods is upgradable to the r230 (z32 fairlady z) if they go with one of those, and i suspect they will it shouldn't be to big a deal, a simple junkyard visit away or about $200 for viscous lsd
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