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Meh...It looks like a Scion to me.

1.5...we suck again.

I'm tired of seeing Toyota building cars w/ accessories. We offer a S/C for 4K installed!

Don't want to engine swap, or have to pull the motor to beef the insides.

I want a pocket rocket, that people walk up to and ask, "So what'cha ya done!?"
Welp I put gas in it, I start it, and it.

Start building the reputation of a solid motor like the 4G/2JZA/RB/SR.

Just pull what the dodge or cheeby boys did w/ the SRT or SS cobalt cept' make it right way wheel drive and call it a day.

Don't think it's that hard to build a 2 door coupe/right way drive/ S/C or Turbo/ Ton of factory backed go-fass parts. Especially with the help of Scoobaru.

220HP+ stock. Plenty for the masses, but plenty of room to expand on since the motor is built for boost.

IMO they would make a killing in the 16-25yr old age group.

Think about if the 7th gen was set up like a all-trac? SERIOUSLY.

Killer looks, great handling, AWD, and plenty of power with room to expand.

They're killing in sales right meow, take a chance and build something everyone wants.

Who cares if it's Scion or Yota. Wake up the testosterone and bring back the days of yore!

Instead of building something sub-par, for the masses, and just "enough".

Sidenote--->>Quit with the whole "read only" ECU's too. I'm quite jealous of everyone else having access to tune the ECU, but us.

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