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Update: Car is confirmed...2010,2011

From Jalopnik

Yesterday we showed you a concept sketch of an alleged coupe to be made by a Subaru-Toyota partnership. Scratch the "alleged" as we now have official confirmation in the form of an official statement from Toyota CEO Katsuaki "Ken" Watanabe:

The compact rear-wheel drive sports car is envisioned to offer a new 'fun to drive' experience based on an all-new vehicle platform."

In addition we're told production will start in 2010, and Subaru's boxer four-cylinder engines will be used. The RWD Subie sports car should be available in late 2010, with the Toyota coming a few months afterwards in early 2011.

No names have been given for the two new vehicles, though the fan-boy forums are abuzz with rumors like "Subaru Impreza Coupe" or "New Toyota Supra." Both valid options and ideas. We guess we'll have to wait a year or so. Although the last drop of information wrung from Ken today was that the two new cars will be made at a new Subaru factory in Gunma, Japan. Although that facility hasn't yet been built. All of this comes on news Toyota confirmed that it's increasing its ownership stake in Subaru's parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, from 8.7% to 16.5%. What a day, eh? [AutoCar, MotorAuthority, Automotive News]

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