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In the Fast Lane with Danny McKeever
Many weeks have passed since my last post and a few more since my last race. These in-between periods can be pretty aggravating just waiting to get back in the car again. But these periods also present opportunities to work on gaining that unfair advantage. That means working on the car but it also means working on the driver. This week I'll cover some of the activities that I've been doing to keep in practice, develop my skills and just get my driving fix as I wait for the next event at Buttonwillow on April 21st.

Most recently, I was out at Willow Springs International Raceway with Danny McKeever's Fast Lane Racing School. My intention was to see how they run the school and to explore the possibility of working for Danny McKeever at future events. I got a lot more than I expected. It seemed to me that was a common thread among all the students as well.


Personally, I enjoyed the classroom sessions where Danny reinforced the critical driving concepts and explained them in novel and interesting ways. There were a few occasions where I said to myself, “I hadn't thought of it that way.” He keeps it interesting with anecdotes of his many years coaching professional athletes, celebrities and other luminaries. It's also great fun watching the students progress. There were a couple of law enforcement cadets who are sure to pass their driving exam after getting comfortable at speed on the track. Another driver was very timid in the first sessions but by the end of the day she was chomping at the bit to make a pass on a fellow student while her husband and two children cheered her on.


Never one to miss an opportunity, I took a couple laps in the Toyota Celica racecar. I highly recommend taking the class in one of these cars. Just like the school itself, the car offered a lot more than I expected. It's very responsive and stable, which would seem an oxymoron if the car wasn't so confidence inspiring. However, there's no ABS so it's quite possible to get in trouble if heavy braking and steering are invoked at the same time. But overall, the best way to describe the car is fun! I've uploaded a video of my couple of hot laps. You can see how busy it gets if the car is not settled into the first braking zone while trying to bring the speed down, keep the back in check and drop down a gear or two.

The great thing about racing schools is that there is a lot of useful information packaged in a very fun experience. Danny McKeever has been doing this so long, he has it down to an art and a science. Look for more of my driver training activities throughout the week.
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