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Originally Posted by Bitter View Post
What does this mean for performance? Absolutely nothing unless you're already spinning wheels on a regular basis, if that's the case then a set of Dunlop Z2's are much cheaper than this endeavor. So is a limited slip differential for your stock transmission. You'll have a FWD car that if it slips the front wheels can turn the back wheels a little bit for assistance. This kind of partial AWD is good for situations like being in the snow.It was never designed as a performance enhancement.
I run race slicks most days and still have traction problems, also my LSD helps but just isnt enough to keep the power down like I would want it. While I do agree that it isnt the best idea for performance but it would help keep the car accelerating and provide traction when the front is slipping. It might not be a long term solution for some looking for high HP strictly performance setups but it would make the celica a functional AWD platform and be an improvement from just your basic FWD.

Viscous is better than an electrically engaged clutch any day of the week. ST246 LSD rear diff is the long term HP performance solution that ill seek after i get everything else worked out and mounted up.
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