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installation tips on the Spyder Auto CCFL & LED Headlights

hey everyone, i just purchased the Spyder Auto CCFL Headlights and i had a few questions.

1.) My 01 GT has very simple light controls, theres only "off" "on" and "auto" located on the left steering wheel switch. my car doesnt have fog lights, and all the ports above the OBD reader port are covered and not used. How can I control the new lights, will i need a new steering wheel switch, or will i have to add switches to the ports?

2.) On the official spyder auto CCFL FAQ video, it says the turn on your hazard lights and your parking lights, i dont believe i have parking lights, or at least i wouldnt know how to use them.

3.) in regards to all of the lights that come with the spyder lights, are the 4 LEDs the daytime running lights or parking lights? Do the Angel Eyes always stay on?

4.) As mentioned, my celica doesnt have any controls, however i know that there is an OEM HID leveler available. Would that be compatible with the Spyder lights? how feasible is it to set them up with the leveler?

5. On the spyder auto website, it says that the high and low beams are both H1, however according to this website with the manual, the bulb sizes are H7 for the low beam and 9005 for the high beam. is this a mistake? or does the spider headlight change the bulb size?

any tips to installation would be helpful as well.

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  1. They replace your regular headlights. There is no need for additional controls/switches.
  2. Yep, you do have parking lights. Small 194 bulbs in the OEM housings.
  3. The LEDs are not the DRL's. The High beams are the DRLs. You can wire the LEDs to IGN or the parking lights. It's your choice. But, they have the LEDs wired to the parking lights.
  4. The leveler is for OEM HIDs. Not applicable to your installation.
  5. The housings that you've purchased, obviously, require different bulb sizes.

Contrary to their instructions, I do not recommend using "taps". They will fail with age. Use waterproof butt splices if you need to make connections.

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Not to offend the OP, but based on his questions, this may be a bit more than he can chew.

Please be sure to ask questions before cutting or splicing unless you are 100% sure. I just looked over the manual for those lights and although they are straight forward, they are very generic. Knowledge of electrical is a requirement.

Just to add to 2Way's, comments, the light you got should be 'plug-n-play' with the exception of the halo's and LED's. It's up to you on how to wire them.

"Parking lights" are the first setting on the control stock, where small side marker lights and tail lights come one.

Depending on what look your going for, you can wire up the halo lights is many different ways
  • Fully independent - requires additional switches and the most work
  • Tied to the daytime running lights (LED's)
  • Tied to the parking lights (halos')
  • Both halo's and LED'S tired together to either parking or Daytime running light.

When I had halo's, they were on my fog lights. I wired them to come on with my parking lights automatically. I also wired my fogs to come on with the parking lights (no headlight on requirement like OEM) as well as maintain the auto off feature. (Key come out of ignition and door opens, ALL the light go out.)

2Way is correct about not using taps. My preferred method is to splice into a wire, and solder the new wired. I then heat shrink it and use wire look to complete the job. Labor intensive, but you can not tell without taking the car apart and looking for my modification. I also find them to be the most weather resistant and clean looking. But I'm an electrical nerd that way.
2003 GT-S W/ Factory Action Package. UPGRADES: JBL componets Speakers
& 17" Rims MODS: "blinker mod" for turn signals, and installation of OEM foglight switch (Action package did not include fogs),
relay and rewire for semi-independent fog light operation

Yes, It's an Automatic.
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How did they hold up? I am in the market and just curious if the halos and everything are still working?
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Despite their Life Cycle claims, I would expect LED halos to hold up better & last longer than CCFLs.
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