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Old 02-14-2012, 01:13 PM   #51
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This same **** just happened to me thinking that FRP looked good and didnt do more research. Now the guy says if I destroy it, he'll give me $200 credit towards a urethane bumper, which of course you can only get blitz It sucks because Im on a fixed income and just blew $442 getting the kit I have now to me (Extreme Dimensions Vader front and Vader SE rear). My body guy wants another $300 to fix the kit, and then its on my daily driver, even though I dont drive muc hand I know how to drive a lowered car, its bull**** I know Im gonna deal with as a result.
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i got a duraflex kit from extreme dimenstions and i love it... my boyfriend had to make his own bolt holes and cut it out a little bit but he did it prefectly fine right in my driveway... my friend has a poly and she absolutly loves it due to the fact that she is a ditz and it always running into curbs and shit like that but i love my duraflex bottomed out today for the first time and its good as new
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Old 07-08-2014, 12:07 AM   #53
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Yeah I got fiberglass front bumper and have had it for over a year and still in box scared to put it on!
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I have a poly urethane front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper. I would not buy fiber glass I was warned against doing so because of how easily it can crack. I had one instance where I accidentally backed up into a rather high curb and my rear bumper merely flexed and came right back out no problemo. Poly urethane is deff the way to go as for Duraflex I would stay away from that. I work at a shop and have seen some of those products and in one instance we had a customer bring in a front lip and it was so flimsy that we wouldn’t even install it. It had no bolt holes and fitment was subpar at best.

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FRP prep work grade quality

Originally Posted by samurai469 View Post
fiberglass also has different qualities and different grades. some are heavier, lighter, thicker, all a combination of fiberglass material and resin quantity and quality.

depending on the grade, rock chips only damage the paint (same as urethane), fiberglass will also flex and adjust better. It all depends on the prep work involved.

if you are a newbie and are going to paint it yourself get a urethane. usually lasts about 2 years due to sag and weight. But if you are going to go show, then bodyshop will charge you a fortune trying to get it to fit right unlike fiberglass.

best bet is fiberglass and get the a clear sticker/film to protect against rock chicks.

also get authentic japanese bodykits or japan spec fiberglass

worth the money.
does anybody knows about the quality and reviews on Liberty Walk LB Performance body kits? Are they good quality and are they worth it? are they easily crack?
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Old 03-07-2019, 09:12 PM   #56
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Not sure about the best place to buy, but here's my opinion on Polyurethane

Polyurethane is preferred for body parts because its extremely flexible when needed and still very strong.

Not sure why theres hate for polyurethane. The material itself is better than fiberglass, FRP and CFRP materials used on most body kits these days.

Only polyurethane can stand up the to the daily abuse of a car. fibeglass, FRP, CFRP will have the paint chipped/sandblasted and be cracking in less than a year of a car being daily driven.
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