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What’s That Bolt

Hi all just new so pleased to meet you. I wonder if you can help? I have a 2004 Celica with a noise alternator belt idler. I have removed the belt but the fixing bolt for the idler has a weird head. I have a load of Torx sockets but non fit. Does anyone know what’s the name of the bolt head type and what socket fits it.

Many thanks
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If you mean the belt tension pulley, on my 2000 GT-s it is a 19mm socket or boxed end wrench. I shaved down a socket to get it to fit good. But also on that, my belt has done the same thing for years. I have changed many tension pulleys and belts, it still happens. What I have started doing is spray belt conditioner on the belt every time this happens. It goes away for a few months. Mine mainly happens when I have the A/C on.
Good Luck
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I believe that folks were claiming that there's a "Gatorback" belt the won't squeal. I'd suggest using Search on that!

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I think what you may be looking at is the top of the tensioner stud. You want to leave that alone & remove the nut on it.
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If you are referring to the one on the pulley of the tensioner, if the pulley itself isn't wobbly or noisy when you turn it I would leave it alone. It's usually the tensioner pneumatic piston that goes bad.
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