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Accurate 7th gen Celica computer model

Hi all,

Does anyone know where I may be able to find a very accurate computer model of the 7th gen celica?
I've been working with a couple of other members to fabricate a production mold for a Duckbill/Rocket Bunny style lip spoiler but one of the largest obstacles we've encountered has been the lack of precision measurements of the hatch itself. Yes, there are plenty of computer models of the car available online but, to my knowledge, none of them are precise enough to accurately match the compound curve and bevel of the edge/back of the hatch. These measurements are key for this process to ensure the part that we produce will have the best fitment possible. Many people have already made custom fab wings in this style for this car but they've all been one-off; none have involved a production mold which I think is necessary for oem quality.

Please let me know if anyone has or knows where I can find an accurate computer model of a 7th gen celica.
Thanks in Advance!

Here's a pic of what the wing I'm thinking of may look like. Keep in mind the design is not final and most likely will change.

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No luck? I was hoping youd find one so I could use it for some mini-windtunnel tests...

Im going to see if I can locate one or if I can borrow a 3D scanner from work. no idea if itll be good enough but its worth a shot!

For the spoiler you could always just get some Styrofoam or cardboard to trace the back and build from there!
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Those are beautiful wheels, what kind are they? And what size?

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If you're still planning on doing this, you might want to skip the computer model altogether, and go straight to a mock-up on your actual car. Here's a couple of links on Youtube I saw, and was planning to make use of myself sometime.

This first video may already have everything in it you need to know. Creation of a fully custom rear spoiler for an Audi A6, production mold and all:

The second video is by an inventive Australian guy who does some pretty "out-there" designs completely from scratch. It might look rough to start, but the idea behind it all is sound:

I think that even the most accurate computer model will still have to be tweaked once you see your new design on a real car. Going straight to a clay mock-up might save you time in the end, and get you moving on your project now instead of waiting on perfection. Pay close attention to the second video when it mentions the use of templates. I'm not sure his method is the most efficient way; but even with the most inaccurate computer model, you might be able to print out a set of scaled cross section templates and use them as guides. I'd love to see what you come up with. You can do it. Just start! :)
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