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Forum Rules & Guidelines as of 07-18-03. All Members READ!

Attention Forum Users

We have received many complaints recently regarding the postings in this forum - particularly regarding the juvenile nature of many threads and the incessant flaming they contain.

Members are reminded to use discretion and respect (a little intelligence doesn't hurt either ie if you're going to post "I just whooped a Viper GT-S in my auto Celica GT, be prepard to get called on very quickly) when submitting messages to this forum and to KEEP POSTINGS ON TOPIC. All flames and off-topic postings will be closed and or deleted as appropriate. If you have a personal issue with someone take it to PM or email. Valid, intelligent discussion/argument is, of course, welcome - just keep it on topic and off flaming.

This is now a ZERO TOLERANCE policy and will be strictly enforced.

Repeated failure to comply with the rules of this forum will result in accounts being terminated.

- Newcelica.Org Administration Staff.
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