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  1. Mixtures of running extremely Lean & Rich

    Repair & Maintenance
    Any chance you can test a different ECU (assuming you have not already)?
  2. I’m back!!

    Forced Induction & Nitrous
    Your car looks really good. Is that a GT or a GTS?
  3. Advice: Piggyback (or other) control system selection

    All Other Models
    I am looking for input regarding which piggyback or other control system to choose. I have added an HKS (Rotrex) centrifugal supercharger to my 07 V6 Rav4, and I want to put in larger injectors. The factory ECU handles everything (timing, fuel) pretty well with stock injectors. However...
  4. 2ZZ mystery oil leak

    Repair & Maintenance
    When the leak started getting bad i sourced a used fidanza flywheel and stage 2 clutch (since the SC was causing slippage), and replaced the main seal along with those parts. That was about 2k miles ago. I seriously hope that isn't leaking, especially at the rate oil is dripping, since it was...
  5. 2ZZ mystery oil leak

    Repair & Maintenance
    I watched it dripping off the bottom of the tranny under the driveshafts and it looked like it was running down from up above where the left shaft plugs in. It may well be coming from other places. You're looking for a supercharger? Didn't you get a sweet DDPR intake? I got this one from...
  6. 2ZZ mystery oil leak

    Repair & Maintenance
    I bought this car with 90k on the odometer, and the previous owner used conventional motor oil in conjunction with insufficient oil change interval. As a result, some oil varnish and deposits built up most everywhere. I was unaware of this, and started using synthetic. The car now has 130k on...
  7. Rear main seal replacement - 2ZZ

    Repair & Maintenance
    Update: I tried again, and the oil I had applied had apparently seeped in. I was able to seat the seal completely so that both surfaces are even.
  8. Rear main seal replacement - 2ZZ

    Repair & Maintenance
    Any thoughts on whether it would be feasible to get it out without damage to attempt reinstallation? It seems like a long shot.
  9. Rear main seal replacement - 2ZZ

    Repair & Maintenance
    Your pictures are great. Thank you! The funny thing is, someone posted pics from a DIY on TN of a new installation which looked a lot like mine does ( ), and yours have made me doubt...
  10. Rear main seal replacement - 2ZZ

    Repair & Maintenance
    I used oil on the inside section.. seemed to be indicated as the part to lube since it said to use MP grease on the "lip". Trying to figure out if I'm screwed and need to buy another seal, whether I just need to hit it harder, or whether it is where it's supposed to be. edit: Thanks for...
  11. Rear main seal replacement - 2ZZ

    Repair & Maintenance
    My rear main seal was leaking, and it was time for a clutch flywheel upgrade too, so I pulled the transmission. I removed the old rear main seal, and unfortunately did not make note of how far it was inset around the crankshaft. There is a slot for it, of course, and the factory service manual...
  12. Accidental valve-piston contact

    Repair & Maintenance
    I agree with your rationalization that the parts are probably fine, but only you know how hard you were pulling to turn the camshaft. :)
  13. Octane booster?

    Performance Mods
    Can I get some opinions on this stuff? I live in California, and am running a 2zz engine. 91 octane is a bit lower than I'd like, even for NA with this engine, but I'm setting up for FI (supercharger) addition (~ 7 lb of boost), and and extra 2 or 3 octane would likely make a considerable...
  14. Fidanza 1zz-fe Flywheel BNiB $300

    Parts For Sale
  15. Fidanza 1zz-fe Flywheel BNiB $300

    Parts For Sale
    Pending sale.