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  • CCU ·
    Hi Boosted. Hope I'm not out of line sending you a personal message, but I need to make a quick decision while my turbo is out of the car. I posted a question on the Gt2876R yesterday. I need to know if I'm wasting my time with this turbo on a built 2ZZ. It has the .64 turbine housing. If I swap to the .86, should this turbo work OK to get around 300-350whp mark ? Heard different opinions on this turbo reading the web.

    Hayabusa_Flow 1 ·
    Hello, I'm new here. I want to know from a professional person who has done this before. So I have a 2000 Toyota Celica with a blown engine and I want to put a 2003 Pontiac Vibe engine into it. So like I said before I need a Professional output on this on someone who has done this before and knows from step to step what needs to be done or someone who has done this hundreds of thousands of times. What needs to be fabricated and replaced on the vibe engine for it to work inside the Celica and it to run like Gold. Also I'm not looking to do 2zz swaps anytime soon so I'm sticking with the same engine that's in the Celica, Vibe, Matrix, Corolla,MR2 and Elise which is the 1.8L. I need a professional who has done this so I can get this done and drive my baby again. If you have any answers can you please get back to me so I can have this done. Also it's stick and can the old engine be taken up from the top instead from the bottom? Need answers ASAP please, thank you.
    dale.diiulio ·
    hello, I am the original owner of a 2000 celica gts which has always been stored in the winter. it's one of my babies. I'm looking to lower the ride height moderately and am asking for advice from those who have done it already as well as have learned from some mistakes. What are the best coilovers to use or it is best to do the koni inserts and streetable springs? Please advise
    haarnoz ·
    Waves . . . . Hiyas! I'm interesting in posting in the Maintenance section, but it looks like there is no place to start a new thread. I have a shortcut to replace the gas tank overfill check valve, and would like to share it. :fap: What do you suggest?
    2zz gze ·
    Hi boosted2.0 are you able to make any 2zz rotrex bracket with ac delete? Or have any available. Please let me know
    Thank you
    chucho_celica ·
    Hey boosted2.0 I'm fairly new to newcelica. My old celica I totaled it. But the motor was intact. Now I'm wondering could you point out is it possible to swap a 1zz into a gts 6 speed.
    Vaio81 ·
    Something's not working... I go into TECH INFO; BRAKING; BRAKING SYSTEM INFO; ARTICLE: REAR BRAKE PAD SERVICE and another window/tab comes up that doesn't pertain to the article and/or "an error occurred try again later". I've tried it on my desktop computer and my mobile devices-- nothing. PLEASE fix this...
    KrisDC2 ·
    Can you re-use the headbolts or do they need to be new each time? The manual doesn't say. I know some do some don't (I build Honda's and the S2000's are 1 time only which are TQ the same way the 2ZZ are done). Also are the 2ZZ and 1ZZ headbolts the same?
    chmy ·
    Hey i was reading your thread on replaceing the cluch. do i realy need to replace the bolts on the flywheel or is it ok if i go with the ones that are there. i just called the dealship and they want $9.58 a pice for them so i would realy like to go without them. what are your thoughts?
    2002celica ·
    Do u still port gt headers? I have a obx right now and it is complete garbage and was going to get a dc header but came across this. If u still port gt headers or have one laying around already done shoot me a price. Thx
    robbi260 ·
    hey ... the wires connected tot he fuel injectors ... if they are not lighting up with the Noid light what do you think the cause is? Where do those wires go to?
    Redline49 ·
    thats what i thought but the ones i bought are not green they are the same color the only difference is the spring on them one is also black and the other is silver other than that they are the same so does black still go on intake cuz i heard that silver goes on them. thanks for the info tho this is taking me forever to find out so im at a hault till i find out all this little stuff
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