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  • crystalalien87 ·
    i got my old c/f hood back from that blue celica owner (Alan) cuz he sold his celica. I got the trunk from a chick in Pueblo. Funny thing is i use to know the guy who owned the car before her lol. im actually goona sell the hood to get another hood made from scratch since they dont make them any more :)... i see plenty of owners but i never get a chance to talk to them. i know where a white bomex works and also a yellow and white gts who have the same aftermarket exhaust who work right the street. and then the guy who i sold my old taillights to works a walmart up the street lol but yea lets do something soon
    raremich03 ·
    dang where did you get the cf hood and trunk?and how much? we should have a meet again...and ill try to invite some celica owners....
    crystalalien87 ·
    i see you quite often but im never in my car when i do...but nothing much gonna pick up some a lip kit tomorrow. might do some test fitting on monday but as for new stuff i got a c/f hood and a c/f trunk but its not installed yet. we need to take pics again
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