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  • bkcev ·
    Hey there hope this message finds you well. I have an 06 corolla xrs which has the 2zz-ge engine. Recently I have been having some trouble diagnosing a sound that is a bit like metal clacking which occurs above 5k rpm. I have posted some sound clips in the Repair and Maintenance section and wondering if you had any insight into what it might be? Is it possible for a worn VVT sprocket to produce such a noise?
    GearSpeedKelvo ·
    Do you know where can I find a JDM complete wiring harness for the celica SSII 2zzge with 6 speed manual transmission?
    How much is the brand new?
    How much is used?

    moo11123 ·
    hey mate i have a problem with my celica, i get a metal-on-metal sound like a bag of marbles being shaken when i am within 3000-5000 rpm. (in gear just rolling forward) transmission rebuild didn't fix it. Do you have any ideas? Thanks.
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