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  • JBERTL22 ·
    I didnt run with anyone i was just at a autox event with some buddies checking things out. my buddy everett does events with his blue s2k. And btw do you still have that c one scoop for sale?
    JBERTL22 ·
    hey man this is justin over at chicago celica hmu. I have seen your car around the chicagoland area and at autocross events.
    thecodyset ·
    I read your auto to manual tranny swap post. I have a couple questions... I have an '01 GT, I found a manual celica on Craigslist. It's the whole car, just the engine is shot. Would I be able to use most of the manual parts that are already on it or do I have to buy new ones? Ex: fly wheel, shifter cables, ecu, ext...
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