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  • xx42oxx ·
    yo awesome meeting you :) nice car now i mite have to get an s2000 after the celi lololool.

    since you're krn you play sc2 right??? :)
    PaLng_CeLca ·
    Facebook being slow is same here. I can imagine how slow it could be over there when it's super slow here. Bring it on son, I don't get chipotle often ever since, I need you back =P and nighttime carwash is a MUST hahahaha are you driving in China? Because I hope you remember how to drive lol
    Ddragon ·
    Hahaa I know right? Yo, I've been trying to log into facebook with my proxy for the longest time but most of the time I can't or either the connection is really slow and takes a page 15 minutes to load. Be prepared for a Chipotle run....and then nighttime carwash!:D
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