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  • Tommybento ·
    Greetings, just purchased a Celica GTS 6 speed with the C60 gearbox. Maybe looking at a 2zz-ge rebuild in the next year. Am going to have the Gearbox pulled and updated with 03+ parts then I will be adding power to the head ect. what is your shops name?
    davel ·
    Hi Smaay,

    I recently attempted my very first clutch replacement on my '02 GT (great tutorial by the way, super helpful).

    I installed everything and the trans is back in. But, I think I somehow made a stupid mistake, because before I remounted my slave cylinder, I decided to see if I could move my clutch fork and it moves side-to-side super easily by hand. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this would mean that the throw out bearing is not properly mating with the pressure plate, right?

    Just wanted confirmation before I take out my trans again...Also, wondering why this might've happened (aside from my inexperience). It seemed as though the throwout bearing clips were fairly straightforward when attaching to the fork...

    I appreciate your help.

    I think my ignorance is showing. After some reading about the fundamental operation of a clutch, I realized how dumb this question is. Anyways, I'll leave it here in case someone else has a panic attack like me.
    acorral707 ·
    Hello Smayy,
    I am new to the forum and have seen a few of your videos on how to remove a celica motor. I have a quick question for you as i have not been able to find a definitive answer yet. I have a 2002 celica gt auto that i need to replace. My question is can i remove the motor while leaving the transmission in the car and not deal with removing axles as well? Thank you!
    hodge1093 ·
    Gotta quick question if you're willing to answer smaay! im doing the 2zz swap into a celica gt and am using the 1zz harness. where do the pins go into the ecm for the vvl solenoid and the vvl switch? i know you did i write up on it somewhere but ive looked all over and cannot seem to find it. appreciate it! thanks man
    dubs2000gts ·
    i had purchased the car with a small knock noise in piston 4 area they said was main bearing was hoping was easy fix but it is a pain thanks for get back to me
    dubs2000gts ·
    hey smaay have a question looked all over web hear you know a lot about the 2zz motor got a 2000 celica gts trying to replace main bearing and trying to get the girdle (sub main cap assembly) off does anyone have a write up on how to take it off in car
    bkcev ·
    Hey Smaay hope this message find you well
    I have a 2ZZ-GE engine that has had the no. 1 cylinder rod bearing spun and scored cylinders. I have pictures of each and every part and was wondering at what price point one might be able to list the entire engine on the different 2ZZ-GE forums including NewCelica.
    Hayabusa_Flow 1 ·
    Hello, I'm new here. I want to know from a professional person who has done this before. So I have a 2000 Toyota Celica with a blown engine and I want to put a 2003 Pontiac Vibe engine into it. So like I said before I need a Professional output on this on someone who has done this before and knows from step to step what needs to be done or someone who has done this hundreds of thousands of times. What needs to be fabricated and replaced on the vibe engine for it to work inside the Celica and it to run like Gold. Also I'm not looking to do 2zz swaps anytime soon so I'm sticking with the same engine that's in the Celica, Vibe, Matrix, Corolla,MR2 and Elise which is the 1.8L. I need a professional who has done this so I can get this done and drive my baby again. If you have any answers can you please get back to me so I can have this done. Also it's stick and can the old engine be taken up from the top instead from the bottom? Need answers ASAP please, thank you.
    XlonelydrifterX ·
    Yeah, it still have a misfire on cylinder 4. So I am at lost what is the problem. I took it to a mechanic and he said something wrong with valve. Is it possible you can check it out, I can pay for your time.
    Smaay ·
    thats pretty darn good. dont think you have a valve problem. so after changing everyhing, the misfire stays on 4?
    XlonelydrifterX ·
    hey smay, I was wonder if you replace valves on the 2zz I think my valve is bent , i have misfire in cylinder 4 / random misfire.
    following things i have done so far:
    - swap coils
    - swap plugs
    - new oil switch
    - verified no intake manifold leak
    - injectors been clean and flow tested/ they been swapped to different cylinders
    - updated to the 83 ecu.

    Thank you
    PhatPhoo ·
    My friend told me its most likely the head gasket (for the coolant leak) and fuel pump/fuel filter (for the car stalling) that I would have to replace it, which either costs a lot of money for someone else to do (not really an option that I can take), or a lot of time and labor for me. What should I do in this situation? Could I go ahead and take the engine out and fix the head gasket myself (and maybe other things I can replace while the engine is out, or an engine rebuild even) or should I just sell the car? Thank you in advance for your input.
    PhatPhoo ·
    Hey Smaay, I'd like to ask for some advice on a few things. I bought an 02 Celica GT at 126k miles half a year ago with a bad CAT but replaced it with no other problems after, but recently a lot of problems have come up, such as multiple misfires, rough idle and the car dying when in idle for too long. The first misfiring issue happened in all four cylinders, so I replaced the spark plugs. Then I get a p0171, p0300, p0301 and p0302, which turned out to be cylinder 1's fuel injector leaking, so I replaced all of the fuel injectors. The p0301 code is gone but now its p0303, with the other codes still coming up, and now I get this sweet smell coming from the exhaust and occasionally from the engine bay, specifically where the exhaust manifold is located, which indicates that I have a coolant leak in the engine.
    Dave K ·
    Hi Smaay,

    I guess things have changed from my last visit and I can no longer post. I have a dilemma, I cannot get my driver's side axle out of the tranny. I tried the straight pull method before I saw that you cannot do it with a GT and pulled the joint apart. I have tried prying but am afraid of busting the casting from prying so hard. I made a set of jaws that I can use with a slide hammer and have beat until I was tired with no luck. Any tricks? If I pull the passenger side is it straight thru where i could take a long bar and a hammer and knock it out from the back? I have never had one this bad before and I don't want to destroy the trans.


    Leo269 ·
    I will add Turbo, just not right away, and that's a much lower gain than i was hoping though i would expect the torque to be higher as well. IF i'm spending this kind of money any way to have a "race car" i can still drive to work, what would you recommend. I know a lot of people just upgrade to 2zz but i'm not 100% on that I already have a 1zz.. And I can do all the labor myself minus machine work...
    Leo269 ·
    Hey Smaay, I seen your dyno for the 2zz motor stroked out with all the extras, and the turbo. this is my question I have an extra 1zzfe motor from my 01 Celica GT I want to bore it to 82mm (with 82mm wiseco pistons and necessary sleeves from MWR) I want to add the MWR knife edge crank, then p&p head and upgrade the valves and springs also from MWR, and go with stage 3 Crower cam set. I'm not sold on Turbo, but what kind of results would you expect to see out of the motor when all is said and done, also do you think its worth my time? Thanks in advance for your input!
    TheCoon ·
    so my car starts when the camshaft sensor isn't plugged in, but i was under the impression that my car wouldn't start if my sensor wasn't plugged in. as soon as i plug it in the car it stalls. Any ideas on why I'm having this problem? It's a 2003 celica 2zz swap into a MRS
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