Xenon Depot 6000k HID Install - Larry Dougherty

Printed instructions from Xenon Depot

Box the HIDs come in

Contents of the package

Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery

Now you real work starts. You have to remove the headlight in order to put the new bulbs and all the wiring in place. To remove the headlight there are three bolts. Two are easily accesible but for the third you have to remove the 2 side bolts that hold the front bumper on. If you remove these 2 side bolts on the bumper you should be able to pull the bumper far enough out from the fender to get to the bolt holding in the headlight as shown in the picture.

This is one of the other two bolts to remove to take out the headlight.

This is the other of the two bolts to remove to take out the headlight.

This picture shows the location of all 3 bolts that need to be removed to take out the headlight. Once all the bolts are removed you can unplug the harnesses for the bulbs and remove the headlight from the car.

Now that you have the headlight out make sure you put it on a surface that will not scratch the headlight itself (ie. towel). First thing you need to do is remove the rubber grommet.

Next you want to remove the pin that holds the bulb in place. To do this you first need to loosen the screw and then remove the pin.

Now this was the hardest part of the entire install for me. You have to reshape the pin to hold in the new HID light. The first pin took me almost an hour to finally get it to hold the light in really tight, after I figured out what shape I wanted the second pin was a piece of cake.

Finally you can put your rubber grommet back in place and your headlight is ready to go. Repeat the last steps for the other headlight.

This picture shows where I decided to mount the box that comes with the kit for the driver side headlight. You are free to mount it whereever you want but I found a true lacking of space made this a harder task then I would have expected. I managed to use zip ties and double sided tape to hold the box in place.

Next you have to run the ground wire from the box to the chassis of the car. Conveniently enough there was already a wire being grounded less then a foot away from the box so I just decided to use this spot. You can use any ground but make sure there is no paint on the surface as you want a good ground.

This picture shows where I mounted the box for the passenger side headlight. Once again I used zip ties to hold the box securely in place.

Now you need to run the ground for the passenger headlight. Once again there is a wire already being grounded close to the box so I used the same spot again.

Next you want to run the power wire from the HID harness to the positive terminal of your battery.

The last few steps I did not take pictures of as its pretty self explanitory but you need to finish connecting the harness to the HID box if you have no done so already. Also run the ACC (headlight on) connector from the harness to the factory ACC (headlight on) in the driver side headlight area. I'm sorry as I have no picture of this but the connector is very easy to find as there are only once of its shape and you disconnected it earlier to remove the headlight.

Lastly, you need to reconnect the negative terminal of your battery.

Now that everything is hooked up turn your headlights on and make sure everything works as it should. If all goes well you will have a nice bright glow from your lights and a warm feeling inside :).

Now bolt your headlights back in place and reattach your bumper; time to enjoy the lights.

Here are a few pictures of the completed 6000k lights.

Click Here to see a short video of the kit

If you're interested in purchasing HIDs for your Celica, please follow the Link