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  1. Caliper bolts

    Repair & Maintenance
    I did that a few weeks ago, no bueno. Finally wound up soaking the bolts in WD40, getting a long wrench, and laying under the car and bracing a foot in the wheel well to get enough leverage. Not enjoyable.
  2. Google Everything Sidebar

    Off Topic: Enter at your Own Risk
    I've never seen that before and I use google on an occasional basis
  3. Let my wife drive my Celica today...

    Off Topic: Enter at your Own Risk
    I don't get this either. I can shift into 5th with my left hand (it's not comfortable, but it's doable), so doing 5th with the right hand should be cake for anyone.
  4. Whats Parts Are Available For My Celica?

    Introduction Zone
    Check the site sponsors or the for sale forum. Parts cannot be purchased from newcelica itself, that's jsut a list of what exists.
  5. Unecessary Use Of Lights...... Twice.....

    Police Stories/Tickets
    My fogs are on every time I have the headlights on. Never even heard of that being illegal.
  6. a few of mine

  7. Failure. lots of pix

    Readers Rides
    Sorry to hear about the car, but I'm gonna agree with the cop that you were at fault. You rear-ended a car that stopped for a red light.
  8. Halo Reach

    Off Topic: Enter at your Own Risk
    But what makes it any better than the other hundreds of shooters out there?
  9. Halo Reach

    Off Topic: Enter at your Own Risk
    I have never understood the hype over Halo.
  10. a few of mine

    Thanks. And no, it's just the kit lens, aperture cranked as small as it will go.
  11. What in your opinion is the most explicit music video?? **NSFW**WW**

    Off Topic: Enter at your Own Risk
    Beat me to it
  12. Deercelica SOLD his celica.

    General Discussion
    It's quick. That's about the only positive thing I can say about it
  13. Fifth Gear isn't driven off television

    All Other Models
    I enjoyed Fifth Gear, some of the presenters on there actually knew about cars, as opposed to Clarkson
  14. TRD Supercharger for GT-S

    Forced Induction & Nitrous
    No you weren't.
  15. The greatest action movie ever!

    Off Topic: Enter at your Own Risk
    Neither can anyone else in this
  16. Which Hood Looks Better?

    Appearance Mods
    Considering the fact that it is most likely a fiberglass hood wrapped in carbon fiber, there is very little reason to show it off. If unpainted CF is ok, why is unpainted FG not ok? To my knowledge, all CF hoods for the Celica other than C-One are just fiberglass wrapped in CF
  17. Which Hood Looks Better?

    Appearance Mods
    It is an unpainted body panel, it looks trashy.
  18. intake squerls suck!

    Appearance Mods
    I have no idea what you just said.
  19. a few of mine

  20. a few of mine

    Well my apartment building was built around the 1920's, so thats not surprising,haha.
1-20 of 492 Results