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  1. oil filter

    Hawaii Forum
  2. spell check anyone?

    Hawaii Forum That's sad.........
  3. There's a cricket under my hood!

    Hawaii Forum
    OK, I won't tell you it's the tensioner again...............You should know that it is.
  4. Celica "TRD Sports M"

    General Discussion
    It also has additional welds on the body to make the chassis stiffer. Much like the Integra Type R.
  5. Who does this belong to?

    Hawaii Forum
    That's the Black Widow kit. The kit that looks the same on every car it's made for. :ugh: There is a Mustang with a kit like that.
  6. welding?

    Hawaii Forum
    I think it should be fine.
  7. Brake Booster is collapsing

    Repair & Maintenance
    I had a problem with a constant P171 code. We couldn't figure out what was wrong until we heard a hissing noise from the brake booster. We took off the master cylinder and the gasket between the booster and the master cylinder was damaged. The rubber portion was all corroded. So we changed the...
  8. Lets see

    Hawaii Forum
    made sure my house didn't burn down.
  9. Hey Gary, wanna join MOCHI?

    Hawaii Forum :chuckles: :gap:
  10. Everybody!!!!

    Hawaii Forum
    Where's my name? Happy new year everybody!
  11. FS: 2001 Celica GT-S 6-speed

    Hawaii Forum
    wow and I thought you were dead.:gap:
  12. s2k antenna

    Hawaii Forum Apparently he is a annoying retard.
  13. ho ho ho!

    Hawaii Forum
    Woah, that's pretty messed up. Gald to hear everythig is ok.
  14. s2k antenna

    Hawaii Forum
    I don't ****ing care you retarded knucklehead! I don't give a **** what you say either! You're old school anyway! :wiggle: Have a Merry X-mas you dumb****! :puke: Who's the retard now? Do I need to point out why I made all the boldface corrections in your worthless post? If you're going to...
  15. how do u look like??

    Hawaii Forum
    Hey Yuki, if you edit your pic oput of your post, you should also edit the text part as well. LOL!
  16. What the hell.......

    Hawaii Forum
    Who is the dummy who started that rumor about an earthquake or tsunami hitting hawaii tonight at 9 or 10 pm? When did they find out how to predict those things? If it was real doesn't anyone think they would sound the sirens? Paranoid people and stupid jackass who started it all. :bang:
  17. ps3 craze

    Hawaii Forum 31 people got the price up to 10k! That's insane. What's more insane is that some people are asking 25k for it! Who the hell is that desparate to pay that...
  18. curious

    Hawaii Forum
    we used to have good turn outs for Celica cruises a long time ago. Not anymore though. It was a whole different thing before when the car was still new.
  19. mansu celica stolen??

    Hawaii Forum
    :werd: A lot of times people have a hard time selling fully modded show cars. Not everyone has the same tastes and most of the time they want to try and get the full value of the mods back. That's when the asking price gets to high.
  20. Cruz

    Hawaii Forum
    The Matrix guys have had a history for wreckelss driving during cruies. :chuckles: I dunno how it is now though. They don't post anything about thier cruises anymore.
1-20 of 458 Results