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  1. Readers Rides
    I've been saving up hundreds of pictures and just now decided to do a readers ride thread. Mainly b/c I've just now been able to save up enough money to actually do some decent things to her. To start things off, I'm originally from Niceville, FL (in the panhandle 45 minutes from Panama City...
  2. Want To Buy Ads
    Looking for some tsunami side skirts. Preferablly 1d0 silver but open to other colors for the right price. Let me know if you have any for sale
  3. Parts For Sale
    KEYTECHNIQUES Keyhole Covers The purpose of the keyhole cover is to simply cover the keyhole to give the car a refined uniform look. You can use one of the plugs to cover up the rear hatch. I have two sets for sale as follows. 3P0 - Absolutely Red 1D0 - Liquid Silver Installed...
  4. Want To Buy Ads
    Looking for stock 1D0 rear bumper painted and in decent shape. I bumped into someone and put a hole in mine...oops. Aftermarket ones are a possibility, as long as they are painted. Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results