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  1. 02 GT 1ZZ Oil Burning Issues???

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey everyone, I have an 02 Celica GT (1ZZ) and I've been having issues with the car burning oil badly. I have it jacked up and broken down mostly at the moment but, I would have to put a quart of oil in it every week and it quickly became too expensive to keep running it like that. Also, the...
  2. 2002 GTS Speakers ** Free** (Almost)

    Parts For Sale
    Hey there. I have a full set of speakers (8) that I took out of my 2002 GTS a few months after purchasing it, back in 2002. They have been sitting in the back of one of my closets ever since I pulled them out and upgraded the speakers. I no longer have my GTS, and really have no reason to keep...
  3. Intro

    Introduction Zone
    Hi all, recently bought a Spectra Blue 2002 GT-S (Autoshit unfortunately). It has the action package. I bought it as it sits in the picture, with under 80k miles. I think it was a pretty good buy! It's fully stock (for now :evil...
  4. 1976 bmw 2002

    All Other Models
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  5. I Need Help

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 2002 Celica GT, recently it began idling rough had laggy throttle response and was misfiring. I scanned the CEL and got these codes; p0300 p0303 p0302 p0304 p0171 p0420. First thing I did was replace the o2 senors. This made the car run even worse. I checked my coils and spark plugs...
  6. 00-02 interior parts

    Parts For Sale
    I have a couple interior plastics I need to get rid of. Shoot me some offers on em so I can get rid of them :D
  7. WTB Hood!

    Want To Buy Ads
    Whats up i want to buy a hood for a 2002 Celica in Silver! If you have any PM me or Text me at (661)368-4527! Thanks!
  8. 2002 Celica Owners Manual

    Parts For Sale
    Complete owner's manual set in the original black Toyota pouch that came with the cars from the factory. There are no rips, tears or writing in any of the booklets. The asking price is only $20.00 shipped to you. :wiggle: Price: $20.00 Shipped
  9. GT-S Brake Calipers

    Want To Buy Ads
    Looking for a full set of GT-S brake calipers. (Front and Rear pair) I have a 2002 GT-S and I'm am not sure if there is a difference between '00-'02 and '03-'05 so whichever one will work. Shipping zip is 85008. Please let me know. :wave: Thanks, AZgts