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  1. back in a 2zz.......

    Introduction Zone
    Hi All, Been a long time since I've been on here. Sold the Celica around 5 years ago and it didn't get driven much for 2 years prior to that. Anyway, I'm back in a 2ZZ, this time in a much lighter body. I'm back here to learn a bit more about these engines, as I've just bought a long motor to...
  2. Rod Knock sound at cold start

    TL;DR: When you start the cold engine (sometimes) it makes a sound as if the engine has thrown a rod or spun a bearing. Video of the engine making the sound is attached. So about 7-8 months ago my engine (2ZZ-GE) started to make a sound. when i start it when its cold, sometimes (2 times out...
  3. Traction Control "How to"

    Performance Mods
    Hey! As a general (Stupid) question,I would like to add Traction Control system to my car. (Yes my JDM ECU has the pinout for it) To the most of you that do not know, I have a Corolla 1997, And i've swapped in a 2ZZ into it. Had many problems, but ive finally done it all. I had O2 sensor...
  4. 2zz oil pump issue help

    Repair & Maintenance
    So i just got a second 2000 gts and the guy who had it last said the oil pump blew. Stating there is no oil pressue. So my question is if in fact it did fail is there an damage to the engine? Will it slip timing? Any info on this would be great as id rsther not put my good engine into this one...
  5. 2zz 7th gen oil pump issue

    General Discussion
    So i just got a second 2000 gts and the guy who had it last said the oil pump blew. Stating there is no oil pressue. So my question is if in fact it did fail is there an damage to the engine? Will it slip timing? Any info on this would be great as id rsther not put my good engine into this one...
  6. 2ZZ Connecting rods

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi. A month ago I had a spun bearing problem and I am in the need to replace the crankshaft and 1 connecting rod. I have 3 connecting rod with the code "E4 875". I bought a fourth connecting rod with the code "H2 569". They are different? I ask, since I know there are various sizes std of OEM...
  7. 2ZZ Extreme hesitation!

    Repair & Maintenance
    The car was running fine, had done periodic maintenance a few days ago, a new battery, cleaned the maf, throttle body, air filter, IAC. The car was running great and without any issues. Then suddenly today while cruising along slowly noticed jerks while driving, tried to see if it wan just me...
  8. 2000 GT-S OEM ECU - $110 shipped in U.S.

    Parts For Sale
    Up for grabs is a 2000 OEM ECU off of a GTS. I'm asking $110 shipped anywhere in the U.S. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>
  9. Broken Chain Tensioner Bolt

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi all, I have been working on my "new" replacement Celica for a while now - a 2000 GTS. My 2001 GT was in a crash back in Dec 2017. Will be selling for parts after I finish repairing the GTS. But that's for another thread... The big repair was for a 5yr+ oil leak. I finally managed to fix...
  10. Apexi Power FC + Commander + Datalogit

    Parts For Sale
    I have the complete stand alone ECU kit for the 2000 - 2002 Toyota Celica GTS. This kit includes everything pictured. The stand alone ecu, the commander, and the datalogit. This item was never installed. It comes with all the paperwork (its in Japanese) and the original box. If you are...
  11. 2zz engine from Celica GTS ~60k miles, JDM ECU

    Parts For Sale
    I am selling this low mileage (~63k) Toyota / Yamaha 1.8L 4 cylinder 2ZZ-GE engine. It is in known great working condition as I personally took it out of my own vehicle to swap in another 2ZZ I built up for future turbocharging. Prior to removing it I tested compression and all cylinders were...
  12. 2ZZ-GE valve cover painted in red + gasket

    Parts For Sale
    For sale 2ZZ-GE valve cover painted in red, perfectly cleaned inside and never used, comes with the gasket. This one was planned to be used on my 2ZZ swap on the MR2 Spyder, but the engine is gone now. $180 shipped worldwide, located in Europe. photo hosting
  13. 2ZZ parts galore!!

    Parts For Sale
    Ive finally decided to get rid of all the 2zz parts i have in my storage unit. I originally picked these up from 01 Toy with the intention of building a 2zz for my swap but by the time i got the money for it i needed the swap to happen immediately because my 1zz was binge drinking oil. So now i...
  14. 3D Printed Emblem!

    Appearance Mods
    Thought id share one of my side projects. My GT emblem came off in a car wash the other week so instead of finding a new one i decided to make one. I got a 3D printer for Christmas so i thought id give it a test. I found a font i wanted on the internet and traced it on a CAD program. Measuring...
  15. Where To Find A 2zz Engine

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi all, my 2zz engine for my 2000 Celica GT-S has just recently thrown a rod and is in need of a replacement. I have searched at a great multitude of salvage yards across the state of Texas and cannot find one anywhere. That being said, does anyone know of a reputable company that sells used or...
  16. 2ZZ compression loss

    General Discussion
    This is my first ever post, so let me know if this should be posted somewhere else, or if the answer has already been discussed elsewhere. My specs: 2000 Toyota Celica GT-S stock Purchased about 6 months ago with the check engine light on (stupid idea) for $3000. Code read PO300-random...
  17. car starts, backfires then dies

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guys, so I got a 2003 2zz from a wrecked celica and put it into my 2001 mr2. When I try to start it, it turns on and half the time it backfires but every time it dies on me. It shoots up the 1500 rpms go a sec or two then dies. It also dies immediately when I push the gas pedal down. It...
  18. Intro

    Introduction Zone
    Hi all, recently bought a Spectra Blue 2002 GT-S (Autoshit unfortunately). It has the action package. I bought it as it sits in the picture, with under 80k miles. I think it was a pretty good buy! It's fully stock (for now :evil...
  19. WTB 2zz Valve cover

    Want To Buy Ads
    Looking to buy a 2zz valve cover. Let me know what you have.
  20. 2003 JDM 2zz-ge

    2003 JDM 2zz-ge

    This is my new 2zz imported straight from japan, this motor has practically no miles on it and it is in phenomenal shape; for 2500$ i got such a steal for the whole swap; harness, trans and everything!