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  1. Repair & Maintenance
    peeps, I recently changed my clutch in the zze123 corolla 2zzge with a competition clutch stage 2 but after reinstalling everything the car does not want to go into any gears when started but will go into gear when switched off this is very weird Behaviour as I have not experienced this before...
    Anyone know where to source a semi ok 2zzge in Australia 2021 Mine started knocking and everyone said to get a new engine. Problem is there’s non for sale for under 3000 near me
  3. Performance Mods
    Anyone with a 2zzge get the MWR light weight pulleys and removed AC and PS, if so, what gains did you get?
  4. All Other Models
    So I have a 2002 5 speed corolla I'm looking to take a 03 Corolla S 2ZZGE from and put to my 1ZZFE transmission if possible, is it and what could I expect, and are the 1ZZFE superchargers compatible for 2zzge
  5. General Discussion
    Can the 2zzge pull 600hp? 4age Stroker Kit 1.8L – Manon Racing Products Apparently the 4age can pull 800+hp I have not read much about 2zzge. Which rods are better saenz or titanium? I have a 1994 Celica.
  6. Repair & Maintenance
    HI SO IM NEW TO THIS SITE BUT I NEED HELP ANYWAYS I BOUGHT A 2000 celica gts I knew it had issues but just realized they (previous owner) had tried swapping the engine out this car is a 2000 automatic celica gts the hood has 2zzge stamped as the engine that should be in it after a little...
  7. Parts For Sale
    For sale 2ZZ-GE valve cover painted in red, perfectly cleaned inside and never used, comes with the gasket. This one was planned to be used on my 2ZZ swap on the MR2 Spyder, but the engine is gone now. $180 shipped worldwide, located in Europe. photo hosting
  8. Parts For Sale
    Hi everyone, I have 44 pcs of Titanium 64 lift bolt for sale. The bolt is a complete clone of Toyota's final lift bolt design (PN# 90105-06293). I was required to fabricate a minimum quantity of 50 pcs for my 2ZZ built, so I am selling the balance to whoever needs it. I am selling at my original...
  9. Varis Gen7

    Supercharged Gen7 with Varis Kit
  10. Varis Gen7

    2ZZGE with Rotrex Supercharger and Varis Kit.
  11. Parts For Sale
    Drivers rear tail light with lights - $40 Intake manifold with the foam bits - $120 fuel rail with 4 yellow injectors - $100 throttle body - $160 Rear seats - $140 <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
  12. Repair & Maintenance
    Hey everyone. First off, if I am posting in the wrong section, MOD please pardon my mistake and put this where it needs to be. Last year the engine failed in my 03 GT so I decided it was a good idea to upgrade and install a 2zz w/ 6spd trans. About a year later, the swap is finally almost...
  13. Appearance Mods
    ahh i dunno if this is in the right place, it gives some appearance kind of :P. but i have a quick question ive seen some people with their engine cover painted (the silver part under the spark plugs. how would you go about painting that ? please and thank you :)
  14. Want To Buy Ads
    i need a throttle body for a 2005 celica gts 2zzge, needs to be an electric throttle, my car isnt giving power it doesent go over 1.5 RPM, i need to replace this part, please let me know what you have, and please add pictures
  15. Inside Engine

    Took this pic while replacing my lift bolts. Engine still looks brand new :)
  16. Engine

    Stock 2zz-ge with a optima redtop battery, carbon fiber spark plug cover and carbon fiber battery tie down.
  17. Corolla E12 2zzge

    4 Corolla E12, powered by 2zzge. Coronado Drag Way, Panama
  18. engine bay

    check out the CAI, it was wrapped with a special insulator to keep cold the CAI...
  19. 2zzge vs 4age

    just definetely the 2zzge won!
1-20 of 20 Results