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  1. Want To Buy Ads
    Need a 3p0 hood for local pick up, near NYC. PM me with pics and pricing please. Thanks.
  2. So Cal Classifieds
    Just want to share this with you guys on the SoCal section TRD sides look good
  3. Parts For Sale
    ok si as title states i have some parts for sale that are kinda random first is a full set of 2 inch drop springs which i can do 100 plus shipping next i have a COMPLETE stock throttle body from a 00 gts for 120 plus shipping then another throttle body with a broken iac valve and i can put...
  4. USA - Southern California
    So it seems like there's no word if theres gonna be one this year. All the veterans have moved on to better things I assume. It's almost October which was the initial date for this meet. If so, anyone have an idea where to throw a meet? I have my annual 626 Meet but I want to hear some inputs...
  5. Parts For Sale
    KEYTECHNIQUES Keyhole Covers The purpose of the keyhole cover is to simply cover the keyhole to give the car a refined uniform look. You can use one of the plugs to cover up the rear hatch. I have two sets for sale as follows. 3P0 - Absolutely Red 1D0 - Liquid Silver Installed...
1-5 of 6 Results