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7th gen

  1. SALE! Tsunami Taillights Dark (rare)

    Parts For Sale
    FOR SALE: a rare set of 04/05 Celica Tsunami Tails (used) that have been custom tinted from the usual chrome to a dark chrome with black trim. $325. shipped Overall condition is clean with no structural damages or broken bolts. The only cosmetic issues to note are some fairly minor scratches on...
  2. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood OEM Style

    Parts For Sale
    Hello Buds, Selling my VIS OEM style Carbon fiber hood for the last 7th gen Celica. Bought it used 3 years ago but had some issues with the car since then and never got around to doing my desired mods to the car. :/: o Well, My loss is your gain. i hope to have someone local for the sale...
  3. 7th Gen Celica Super Strut question

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the Super Strut suspension that was offered as a factory modification on the 7th gen Celica. As far as I know this kind of modification was only available on the SSII Celica in Japan, no? From diagrams on the internet I found out the this type...
  4. Gen 7 wiper switch removal

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is a way of removing thw wiper switch on a 7th gen without removing the steering wheel first? I removed the plastic cover from bellow the wheel and the switch had a bit of a rattle but it seemed to be caught on something. I didn't have a good view so...
  5. Washer pump replacement - Help!

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello everyone, My washer pump died on me a few days back, just when I needed it most, given all the recent snow and sludge on the road. I'm going to replace it but first I want to take a look at the connectors for damage or oxidation. It would suck to buy a new pump just to find a bit...
  6. would this be a problem for me, pipe not connected to anything?

    Repair & Maintenance
    I bought a Celica GT 2000, it had a lot of miles so I decided to buy a newer engine 1zzfe (45k) for it. I had my mechanic back in Pennsylvania install it. I moved to New York 2 months ago. Two days ago I opened up the hood and noticed that there was a pipe not connected to anything (picture 1...
  7. Need Help In florida, looking for parts

    USA - Florida
    Hello, i recently got into an accident and the front of my car (2002 Celica GT) is totally shred. I inspected it and i found out that my frame is actually unharmed as well as the actuall driving components. however im in a dire need for a left fender, bumper, bumper reinforcement, and hood can...
  8. painting engine cover

    Appearance Mods
    ahh i dunno if this is in the right place, it gives some appearance kind of :P. but i have a quick question ive seen some people with their engine cover painted (the silver part under the spark plugs. how would you go about painting that ? please and thank you :)
  9. my new 7gen celi

    my new 7gen celi