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  1. Parts For Sale
    Hey all, looking to complete my Action Package on my 2001 Celica GT-S. Last piece I need is an OEM front bumper in 1D0 silver. If anyone has one within two to three hours of my location id be interested to see it and possibly work something out depending on condition. Primarily looking for ones...
    $250 USD
  2. Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guys, A drunk driver hit my tsunami celica and messed up the rear bumper, the hood and front bumper and I can’t find parts anywhere even by searching the parts numbers. Does anyone have these parts?! Please let me know or else she’s gonna be totaled 😥💔
  3. Want To Buy Ads
    I would like to purchase pretty much the complete TRD body kit, and I'm willing to purchase each of the parts individually if that's an option.
  4. badreflect Celica GT TRD A/P

    2004 Celica GT TRD Action Package
  5. badreflect Celica GT TRD A/P

    2004 Celica GT TRD Action Package
  6. Celica As of May 2006

    Very different from one year ago...more mods still coming!
  7. Celica As of May 2006

    It has been a year now since I first got the car.
  8. Action Pkg

    Everything here's pretty much stock, but it's a work-in-process.
  9. S/C'ed GT-S Posing Under a Bradford Pear, (almost) Spring in 'Bama

    Rear angle, driver side shot of MIDKNYT - my Carbon Blue Auto GT-S. Mods include: TRD Extended Exhaust, AEM CAI, TRD Coilovers, TRD Front & Rear Anti-Sway Bars, GReddy S/C kit w/e-Manage Ultimate, P&P'ed stock GT-S header, Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket, Transmission Fluid Cooler, MB Autosport Hoods
  10. S/C'ed Auto GT-S w/TRD Coilovers, Front Angle, Front Yard

    Carbon Blue "Action Pack"-ed, Supercharged Auto GT-S with TRD Coilovers. Just a nice, near spring afternoon with a beautiful car under a "bloomin" tree. Date 05 MAR 06
  11. CB AP'ed S/C'ed GT-S w/TRD Coilovers

    Carbon Blue "Action Pack"-ed, Supercharged Auto GT-S with TRD Coilovers. Given the uneven ground in the front yard, the effect with regards to height, especially in back, is hard to judge from this shot. This is just two days after getting my car back with the GReddy S/C installed. Date - 05 MAR 06
  12. Low Angle Shot, Carbon Blue GT-S w/Action Package, Near Spring

    Low angle shot from the front passenger side in our front yard, late afternoon. Date - 05 MAR 06
  13. Carbon Blue GT-S in (almost) Spring

    Just a longways shot I kinda liked with Celica in our front yard under the nicely in bloom Bradford Pear. About as close to fancy as I can get when it comes to photos. :) Date - 05 MAR 06
  14. Carbon Blue S/C'ed GT-S in Driveway - Rear Angle

    In my driveway looking into the garage. Notice the garage-showing the Celica pride. ;) Framed pics are a Carbon Blue GT-S with Canadian "Action Package" dealer poster, APR Widebody Celi, and some assorted mag covers. Banners speak for themselves. Date - 05 MAR 06
1-14 of 14 Results