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  1. C60 Transmission Question

    General Discussion
    What's up, Got a quick question that's been bugging me lately, but I'll find out one way or another. Here's the scenario: Purchased a 20v Blacktop 4AGE for my AE86 that came with motor, harness, and FWD transmission (Came in the AE111 corollas, not available stateside) Decided I would...
  2. My AE111 2ZZ-GE project..

    All Other Models
    Well taught id throw up a thread of my current project a 1997 toyota trueno and im in the process of putting a 2zzge into it ;) heres a few pics there not great ill get more later This is the plans most of it is got nearly Haltech e6x C60 gearbox Quaiffe LSD Celica ZZ231 loom...