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  1. Aftermarket Amp Install Help

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    I've looked on the internet endlessly, and I can't find the help I need anywhere. I'm looking for the following: A labelled diagram of the factory amp wires (which ones do what, so I can know where to hook it up to on the aftermarket amp) Perhaps a thread in which someone says how they did this...
  2. FS Car Audio and Video Parts

    Parts For Sale
    Recently closed down business and have some left over inventory I am trying to unload, everything is still brand new in the box. Serious inquiries only and pickup only (Los Angeles Area). Will discount if you buy more than 1. Contact via email if interested. Pix per request Listed below...
  3. Alarm problem after audio & battery change

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Hi guys! I bought my 2001 Celica VVTi few weeks ago, battery was almost dead in it so i replaced it with new one, also on same time I installed a Vibe BlackAir Vented12 subwoofer and replaced my stock radio with Alpine 2-DIN radio..the problem is that after all those changes my alarm is...
  4. replacing factory amp

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Okay so I looked around for awhile and couldn't find what I'm looking for. I replaced my speakers and the stock amp isn't pushing them enough so I was wondering how exactlly could I hook up an autotek or fli amp to my oem headunit cuz I don't really want to replace the head unit. Also will the...