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  1. Want To Buy Ads
    I have a 6th gen Celi and am looking to upgrade to a 7th gen. Would like a GTS Auto with less than 150k miles. Preferably White. Preferably no performance mods. Preferably with a kaminari body kit. MUST BE LOCATED IN BAY AREA OR CLOSE BY (Los Angeles is okay too) Price Range: $5,000-$7,000...
  2. Repair & Maintenance
    My 2000 GT is an automatic and when I shift out of park to reverse, the shifter sometimes slips down into neutral or drive without pushing the button down. Then when I try to shift from reverse to drive it'll get stuck in neutral and then i have to push it down into drive. Also, it locks itself...
  3. Appearance Mods
    OK i had an idea and did auto clima illumination in a different way than before. Here are the results.
  4. Parts For Sale
    Considering parting out my auto gt 2001 and wanted to see if there was any interest. The car is a cosmetic mess on the outside, Tanabe springs and KYB adjustable dampers. Headlights are yellowed and cracked. Paint is in poor condition. No stereo. Everything else is original, have all engine/body...
  5. Celica As of May 2006

    Very different from one year ago...more mods still coming!
  6. Celica As of May 2006

    It has been a year now since I first got the car.
  7. Brand New!

    First pic of my 2005 Celica GT Auto.
  8. 2002 GT auto Tranny

    2002 GT auto Tranny
  9. 2002 GT auto Tranny

    2002 GT auto Tranny
  10. 2002 GT auto Tranny

    2002 GT auto Tranny
  11. Auto tranny

    2002 GT auto Tranny
  12. valve body pieces

    valve body pieces
  13. valve body

    valve body
  14. valve body

    valve body
1-14 of 14 Results