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  1. Different axle lengths- transmission swap

    Repair & Maintenance
    hi everybody, I'm new to this forum, and was looking for some help. I have gotten info from here many times before but couldnt find this anywhere... I have a 2002 celica gt that I 2ZZ swapped with the C60 trans. My trans began popping out of 6th gear, so i bought a 2000 GTS with a blown motor...
  2. Correct CV/Half Shaft part number for 2000 Celica GT Manual

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    I need to replace the right side CV Half Shaft assembly on my 2000 Celica GT Manual Transmission, and I'm having trouble identifying the correct part numbers on aftermarket sites. I'm told that the shaft length is different between the Auto and Manual, but most of these sites seem to claim that...
  3. Steering Wheel Stuck & Turns Itself

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    I have a 2000 auto gt. As the title says, something in my steering is messed up. Driving is relatively smooth, no excessive shaking or over steering at any speeds. However, when I make a U-turn or turn out of a parking space, once I make a full 360 degree turn with the wheel (either way) just as...
  4. Horn stopped working/Suspension problems

    Repair & Maintenance
    My first problem is my horn stopped working. I don't use it too often and I tried to about a week ago but it no longer works. I popped the hood and I can hear the horn relay clicking when I press on the horn. This makes me think the horn is just no good but my cruise and airbag light have been...