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  1. Appearance Mods
    Thought id share one of my side projects. My GT emblem came off in a car wash the other week so instead of finding a new one i decided to make one. I got a 3D printer for Christmas so i thought id give it a test. I found a font i wanted on the internet and traced it on a CAD program. Measuring...
  2. Want To Buy Ads
    Plain and simple, I am after a 7th gen "GT-S" rear badge. Condition: I don't mind if the glue on the back is gone. Just wouldn't want scratched or damaged for obvious reasons. Location: Western Australia, Perth. I would require a picture with your username + newcelica on paper with the item...
  3. Supercharged Emblem

    "Supercharged" emblem/badge made for TRD Supercharger kit for 4-Runner's. Works just as well for GReddy S/C kit for Celica GT-S Date - 05 MAR 06
1-3 of 3 Results